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Please read our fascinating and newly-published GIA and Petrographic reports on rare North American Black Calcite...known as Shamanite® (named by us and under trademark protection).
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Shamanite, the rare and recently-discovered North American Black Calcite, has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America. The petrographic analysis is nearly complete -- Shamanite's age is scientifically established as PALEOZOIC, 500 million years old. Telltale primitive shell inclusions and the lack of vegetal pollen spores reveal the astounding primordial age of this material. Native American mountain tribes have been creating Shamanite ceremonial objects and jewelry for centuries; traders have often erroneously tagged this rare material as "Jet." North American Black Calcite's natural colours range from inky-black to a smoky taupe and mocha-brown, sometimes called "Toho"(Mountain Lion") by tribal healers and artists.


Warm to the skin, Shamanite emanates a protective ancestral vibration. Spiral shell fossils, often found in Shamanite deposits, captivate the lapidary imagination.

Metaphysical attributes include:


Shielding the wearer from psychic attack, envy and the resentment of others


Absorbs negativity




Deepens psychic trancework


Assists with grief and mourning


In one tribe, a single bead of Mocha ("Toho") Shamanite is used to protect a baby, child or teenager from hidden dangers.


SHAMANITE is very easy to work and carve, similar to Jet and Amber in texture, lustre, warmth and beauty. Perfect for ceremonial jewelry, malas, spiritual artworks and protective amulets.


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